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discoDSP HighLife 1.22

HighLife is a VSTi plugin freezer and sampler with effects,modulation, morphing
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HighLife is a VSTi plugin freezer and sampler that includes five effects, flexible modulation route and morphable scheme. This version has an in-built library of capacity 260 MB and a free ware version of this software is also available. However that works as a demo tool. The library browser in this software is based on disk program managing. There are programs that can be used to access frozen instruments. Moreover, frozen VSTi’s are automatically saved in their respective folders, saving time and effort of the user. The auto-cue marker is also there which provides cue-options in zone wave editor.

The software provides acute loading of SFZ formats as well as the export of loop start and loop end. The AIFF file formats are also supported MIDI file extensions are sustained. When the user opts for the Global mode, he/she can enjoy the display of global LCD. A drop-down menu that showcases the zone and provides for the selection of rates is provided for user convenience. If in any case, the user feels that current freeze settings are not working and wishes to restore to the previous settings, a .cgf file is provided for restoring and new library setup.

These features, and even more make this tool a favorite for music composers and die-hard music fans.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Capable of exporting VSTi format files to WAV or SF2 formats


  • Sophisticated user-interface
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